Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Importance of Compromise in Our System of Government

We are in the age "no compromise." Candidates for political office are almost forced to sign pledges before they are able to get support to even think of running for political office. This has become a pathway or road map for winning in the primaries. This also maintains momentum within a party to win in the general election. However, this system is also now crippling our form of democracy.
The greatness of our government over the years has been in our ability to find the middle ground. We have sought to build consensus to get the job done in the interest of the people. Candidates who sign pledges sabotage that process. We don't need robot candidates who simply follow pledges they signed when they ran for office. We need intelligent and reasonable people who will listen to opposing views and find the common elements of both positions and to legislate and implement laws that will benefit the people they represent.